Popping Off The Fall Season

With the onslaught of new pop and dance singles for the fall, the labels constantly overload the market (especially this time of year through the holidays) and can make it confusing as to which are the most worthy of your hard-earned dollars. I’m here to narrow the field and present to you the pop and dance singles that are the standouts, and most likely to top the pop charts within the next couple of months. It might be starting to cool a bit outside, but these selections are sure to keep the dancefloor hot for the upcoming season.


Nicole Scherzinger: “Don’t Hold Your Breath”

Nicole Scherzinger knows a thing or two about recording successful pop/dance songs. She spent five years as The Pussycat Dolls’ lead singer, placing them on the top of the charts internationally with their sexy thumping beats and sensual melodies. As a solo artist, she has kept the music alive and well, and has made quite a name for herself on and off the dancefloor. This time around, the former Doll seems to be channeling the stop-and-go breathy beats that begin with Kelly Clarkson’s dance singles and a formula that Katy Perry has utilized quite successfully as well. “Don’t Hold Your Breath” is that sweet revenge dance ditty that has been popular ever since music was born. The song’s lyrics sting as hard as its beats, and the flowing retro melody make it one of the best songs to be delivered from Scherzinger’s upcoming CD release Killer Love, due in November. You may already be dancing to this scorcher. The song was recently released and the single is already burning up the dancefloor, as it is also racing up the dance charts. Up is the operative word, because frankly, it’s how it makes you feel. “Don’t Hold Your Breath” is a sure winner among the many pop releases this fall. Don’t wait to get to the club, download the original album version and if you wanna turn the heat up even higher, check out the Remixes that contain five alternate versions, from Dave Aude, Fred Falke, Kaskade, Kat Krazy and Olav Basoski. Everyone seems to have a favorite. Mine happens to be the Kaskade Remix.

Jennifer Lopez: “Papi”

If I were to point to a dance diva and pop song mistress who has made the most news this past year for the splashiest and most deserving comebacks, Jennifer Lopez’s name would top that list. She started out the year last January by successfully becoming one of the judges on the tenth season of “American Idol,” the country’s most-watched television program for a decade. People were skeptical and suspicious of the former Fly Girl, and wondered if “Jenny From The Block” still had what it takes after hitting the big 4-0. Her constructive criticism and compassion for the contestants on that reality show made many of us say “Simon who?” She brought a breath of fresh air to the show that was lacking in recent years, and her input proved so successful that she’ll be back for Season Eleven with a hefty pay raise (thank you very much1). That’s all fine & dandy for a kick-start, but the big question was could J.Lo still sell records? The answer came with unanimous love when her single “On The Floor” (Featuring Pitbull) raced its way up the charts, giving Lopez her biggest and first solid hit single in over five years. Her latest single “Papi,” lifted from the Love? collection, is smoother and silkier than the previous single. Her vocals glide beautifully around the synthesized beats and make it one of the most infectious singles of her vast catalogue, dating back to 1999’s #1 smash “If You Had My Love.” With this sensational single come twelve Remixes (12!) and there’s sure to be at least four or five that become your favorites, as they have mine. They include Remixes from the old school, as well as up-and-coming DJs. The standouts are from Rosabel and Mixin Marc & Tony Svedja’s multiple offerings, but don’t discount the R3hab Radio Remix, as well as the DJ Kue Extended Mix. With a dozen, there’s something for everyone. J.Lo is back, and if this collection of dance songs is any indication of her future releases, she’s in a very good place. And we, the beneficiaries of great music, are there to sing her praises.

In addition to the two Spotlight Picks, download these two future dancefloor gems:

Liz Primo – “State Of Amazing”: Liz is a State-Of-The-Art dancefloor sensation with Ten (“Own That” Remixes) that range from Electronica (Michael Bradford’s two offerings and Andy Cohen’s two) to the familiar beats with a new groove (Jason Trugman’s Album Version) that mates old school and new for a sound that’ll please past generations while turning on the class of 2011.



Jessie And The Toy Boys – “Push It” (Feat. Yelawolf): Of the releases recommended, this is the most electronic of the bunch. It finds Jessie And The Toy Boys in familiar territory while adding a flavor that’s as new as autumn. The entire Ten Song Remix package is another smorgasbord of ten delicious samples, some running  short & sweet at three and a half minutes to the scorching seven-minute dancefloor selections by Dirty Freqs, and sweating it out with the Ron Reeser & Dan Saenz Remixes. There’s not a bad mix of the ten. Have fun choosing your favorite!


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